January 5, 2024

Enhanced Dynamic Logic in Version 8.1.0 of EspoCRM

Version 8.1.0 introduces a paradigm shift in dynamic logic, enriching the user experience and providing unprecedented control over EspoCRM behavior. This article delves into the dynamic logic changes in the latest update, specifically focusing on the enhanced conditions related to the current user and their associated teams.

Expanding Horizons of Dynamic Logic

Dynamic Logic, a cornerstone feature for achieving dynamic behavior in forms, has been a powerful tool for administrators seeking to tailor the user interface to their unique requirements. In the latest version, the capabilities of Dynamic Logic have been extended to encompass conditions related to the current user and their teams, elevating the level of customization and interactivity.

User-Centric Conditions

One of the groundbreaking enhancements in Dynamic Logic is the ability to check conditions based on the current user. Now, administrators can define logic that makes certain fields visible, required, or read-only based on whether the current user is equal to or not equal to a specific user. This granular control empowers administrators to personalize the user experience further, ensuring that each user interacts with forms in a way that aligns with their role and responsibilities.

Team-Oriented Conditions

In addition to individual user conditions, Dynamic Logic now allows administrators to set conditions based on the current user’s teams. This feature enables checks for whether a user is a part of a specific team or not. The power lies in the flexibility to make fields visible, required, or read-only based on these team affiliations. This is particularly valuable in scenarios where certain data or functionalities should be accessible only to specific teams within an organization.

Automated Validation

One of the hallmarks of Dynamic Logic is its seamless integration with data changes in forms. Conditions defined using Dynamic Logic are automatically checked whenever data in the form is modified. This ensures real-time validation, providing users with a dynamic and responsive interface that adapts to their actions.

Practical Applications

The enhanced Dynamic Logic opens up a myriad of practical applications across various industries. For example, in a project management system, administrators can now ensure that only project leads have access to critical project-specific fields, promoting data integrity and security. Similarly, in a customer relationship management (CRM) system, teams can customize forms to display or hide specific fields based on the customer support agent’s expertise.


Version 8.1.0 heralds a new era in dynamic logic, introducing unparalleled control over form behavior with user and team-centric conditions. This update not only enhances the user experience but also provides administrators with a powerful tool to craft highly customized and responsive interfaces. As organizations strive for greater efficiency and flexibility in their workflows, the enhanced Dynamic Logic in this version emerges as a key enabler for achieving these goals.

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