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Meet EspoCRM.
Business management application.

EspoCRM is a free web application for customer relationship management. EspoCRM is developed by the Ukrainian company Letrium. According to official information, over 50,000 companies use EspoCRM in over 163 countries.

The application can be easily adapted to the needs of your company, regardless of the industry. So far, we've seen the use of EspoCRM in industries such as online sales, banking, insurance, education and computer service.

50K +


163 +


150 +


    Data from official website.

What services do we provide?

Below is a list of the most frequently ordered services related to EspoCRM by our clients.

List of prepared functionalities

Check what functionalities we have prepared for our clients so far.

We have created an extension which is creating transcript of attached recording without any additional action.

We have created an extension which is reset whole instance of EspoCRM to default after admin will click button in admin section.

We have created an extension which download data about tax payer from public government database based on tax id.

We have modified the PDF engine, which allows you to create PDF from HTML. For example thanks to that you can define custom fonts.

Integration with Toggl allows you to count time spent on tasks.You can start and pause time counting from the EspoCRM level without starting the Toggl app.

EspoCRM automatically calculates the amount to be paid in foreign currency for foreign customers.

After registering the order in EspoCRM, each customer receives an email with links to the order status page and messenger. The status page allows you to check what is happening with the order. The messenger page allows you to send a message that will appear in EspoCRM as a comment to the order.

We have extend Telegram integration, now after someone log in to EspoCRM, he also received notification through Telegram. Thanks to that he can track all sessions. Notification contains ip address, full user name, url and role(admin/standard user). Same notification goes to admins.

We have created small integration between zabbix and EspoCRM. Zabbix is powerful application which can be use to monitor many kind of application and services. Thanks to that integration we are able to monitor our subscription clients websites. If there is any issue, our integration is creating ticket which is assigning to specific user in few seconds.

We have prepared a dark theme that allows you to easily view CRM at night.

We have created integration with ServerSMS. This allows you to send SMS messages from EspoCRM.

We have implemented the Przelewy24 payment gateway. Each customer receives an invoice with a link to payment Przelewy24. After payment, the invoice is marked as paid.

We have prepared an improved version of the bright demo theme. It is more pleasing to the eye and allows you to set the theme color.

Integration with Telegram allows you to send reminders and notifications to EspoCRM users.

After changing the status to "approved", Espo saves the invoice to a file and sends e-mail and SMS notifications to the client in his language.

We have also added various buttons in EspoCRM that make the system easy to use.

We have created registration form which allow users to register in espocrm.

We have prepared a customer panel with which they can view the information entered in EspoCRM.

EspoCRM also issues bilingual invoices, depending on the clients language.

All notifications(SMS / email) are sending based on preferences chosen for every single task/case/opportunity.

We have created functionality which is sending our clients reminders(both SMS and emails) about important dates based on preferences.

We have created additional module which create UUID for each record in EspoCRM. We are using these UUIDs in our external services like status page or dashboard.

We have extend Advanced Pack in our company. Now all subscriptions are in one module and based on status of each subscription, EspoCRM create an invoice for each customer in correct date.

We have extend Toggl integration, now after user mark task as completed, EspoCRM will automatically download all time records from Toggl and calculate how much client should pay based on his hourly rate.

Download themes to EspoCRM

In October 2020 we published free EspoCRM themes, which can be downloaded free of charge on our website. You can check all the details below.

We checked each theme before publication. We are constantly updating them and hope that they will serve you.

Requesting for proposal

Below you can find out how we process requests for proposal, what information you need to send us and how we're pricing.

How we're processing requests for proposal?
  • After you send us an email, we're checking do we have all information;

  • If we have all information, our worker register your request in our EspoCRM;

  • After registration, we're analyze your request and in most cases after 3-7 days we have proposal for client;

  • Sometimes we need to check few things before we prepare proposal. Then we can process your request longer than standard 7 days.

What information we need to start process?
  • A detailed description of the order - write what you would like us to do for you, in a different way, all the requirements we have to meet.

  • Deadline - when you would like us to complete your order.

  • Budget - write the amount you want to spend on this order. If you don't want to enter a specific amount, enter at least the range. Examples of ranges: 100 - 1000, 1000-3000, 3000-5000, 5000-10000 etc. Don't forget about currency. We're using USD, EUR and PLN.

  • All information please send to

Terms of cooperation

Below you can find out how we work with our clients.

  • All additional work exceeding the scope described in the corespondance will be priced as a separate offer.

  • Our company issues invoices without VAT based on the exemption arising from Article 113, paragraph 1 of the Polish act on tax on goods and services.

  • The law applicable to the implementation of the order described in this proposal will be Polish law.

  • The court having jurisdiction to settle all disputes is the court having jurisdiction over the seat of our company.

  • We're working only in our time zone, and that time zone should be used for all dates. We're at Europe / Warsaw time zone.

  • Each customer has the option of obtaining a URL where he can track the status of the order on an ongoing basis.

  • All types of fees for additional materials such as plugins, themes, etc. lie with the customer, unless otherwise agreed in the given case.

  • The cooperation offer is valid for 14 days. If we don't receive a decision within 2 weeks, the offer expires and all conditions may change.

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