Dark theme for EspoCRM

Dubas Dark Theme for EspoCRM

As a contribution to the EspoCRM community we want to share a dark theme with its users. We prepared a modified theme, which is based on the default EspoCRM theme. The theme is published free of charge under the GNU v3 license. Anyone can download it for free on this page.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can create an issue on the github project website. You can also contact us for business matters by e-mail: [email protected]

You can check our repo if you want to check source files. You can also download installer which will install theme in your EspoCRM.

Your EspoCRM should be in version higher than 7.2.0. We have not tested this theme with lower versions, but on request we can provide a version of the installer that will allow you to install the theme on an instance with lower parameters. Write us an email about it. You can also prepare the installer yourself by modifying the parameters available on our github in the manifest.json file.

dark theme for 7.2.X   dark theme for 6.X   Github repo

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Version Description Date Compatibility Action
2.0.0 1. Switching to extension template;
2. Switching to less;
3. Adding new dark theme;
4. Changing previous theme to navyblue;
5. Adjusting theme to vertical/horizontal views.

Downloaded 9 times. Last time 2 hours ago.
02.10.2022 7.2.0 +
1.0.0 1. Switching to espo extension template;
2. Changing colors in Vertical theme;
3. Changing colors in Horizontal(labels);
4. Fixing issue with background color in top;
5. Changing height of items in open tab menu;
6. Fixing issue with small space in tab group;
7. Adding border-radius to multi-select fields;
8. Adding a brighter text color;
9. Changing panel border color;
10. Adding border to list of items in different color;
11. Fixing bottom background in Textarea fields;
12. Adjusting vertical dark theme to calendar popups;
13. Adding border for events in calendar;
14. Changing google fonts url from http to https;
15. Changing background color in small navbar;
16. Adjusting .sticked-bar.

Downloaded 773 times. Last time 13 hours ago.
15.04.2021 6.1.0 +
0.0.12 1. Adding new login page;
2. Cleaning folders - now there is only folder in client/modules/ related to dark theme;
3. Adding white background to emails.
Downloaded 250 times. Last time 13 hours ago.
29.01.2021 6.1.0 +
0.0.11 1. Adjusting horizontal and vertical themes to 6.1.0;
2. Adjusting background color of button in menu;
3. Changing colors of text and labels;
4. Changing color of text in report diagrams.
Downloaded 198 times. Last time 13 hours ago.
26.01.2021 6.1.0 +
0.0.10 1. Adding new text of notification related to NewVersion in admin area;
2. Fixing background of color picker button;
3. Fixing color of checklist-label text
4. Fixing background of selectize-dropdown field
Downloaded 309 times. Last time 13 hours ago.
20.12.2020 6.0.0 +
0.0.9 1. Changing background of requirements screen;
2. Changing border color of note-editor;
3. Changing background of disabled field in Pdf Template creator;
4. Changing background of busy time in scheduler.
Downloaded 189 times. Last time 13 hours ago.
13.12.2020 6.0.0 +
0.0.8 1. Changing background colors in admin section;
2. Adding checkVersionUrl which will show information in admin section when new release will be available.
Downloaded 163 times. Last time 13 hours ago.
13.12.2020 6.0.0 +
0.0.7 1. Fixing background color of uploading files and documents
Downloaded 194 times. Last time 13 hours ago.
10.12.2020 6.0.0 +
0.0.6 1. Fixing background color of active records in table;
2. Fixing background color of email composer.
Downloaded 199 times. Last time 13 hours ago.
08.12.2020 6.0.0 +
0.0.5 Changing design of scrollbars to dark.
Downloaded 152 times. Last time 13 hours ago.
08.12.2020 6.0.0 +
0.0.4 Few fixes in css file. Among others changing color of searchbox field and popup notification.
Downloaded 146 times. Last time 6 hours ago.
07.12.2020 6.0.0 +
0.0.3 Few fixes for vertical theme + we've added horizontal theme.
Downloaded 200 times. Last time 13 hours ago.
04.12.2020 6.0.0 +
0.0.1 First release of vertical dark theme.
Downloaded 291 times. Last time 6 hours ago.
07.10.2020 6.0.0 +