Time Tracker for EspoCRM

Time Tracker for EspoCRM

Time Tracker is an extension to EspoCRM that will add time tracking features to your application in modules such as Cases, Tasks or Opportunities. The extension allow you to start and stop time counting without using any external application. All magic happens in EspoCRM. The extension allows you not only to count time, but also to view all time logs, check how much time was counted for a specific task, etc.

Time Tracker is compatible with official extensions such as Voip Integration, Advanced Pack or Google integration. We've builted time tracker which will allow you to extend his features with EspoCRM features by yourself. If you want you can also order customizations.

Examples how you can extend features of Time Tracker with EspoCRM official extensions:

  1. With Google integration and Advanced Pack you can save information about time entries in your Google Calendar;
  2. In next version we're planning to add Time Projects. Thanks to that, with VOIP integration and Advanced Pack you'll be able to count time which you've spent on calls with your client and charge them for that.

Currently available functionality

  1. User can start/stop time counting from most entities through button available in right top corner;
  2. User can check details of counted time for specific record using dropdown "Timesheet log" which will show side panel with summary.
  3. Admin users can check current time sessions;
  4. User can check in Time Tracker entity all timesheets.
  5. Under specific Time Tracker, user can check assigned Time Entries.

Future plans

Time Tracker is one of our first paid extensions. We ourselves use Time Tracker in our company and we have many ideas for the development of this extension. Examples of ideas:

  1. Billable hours - differentiating between paid and unpaid hours;
  2. Time Projects - counting time in one place from many entities. Especially useful if you're charging your clients per hours. Thanks to Time Projects you'll be able to summary time spent on tasks, cases and calls for specific client.
  3. Integrations with the most popular time management platforms such as Toggl or Clockify. Currently, Time Tracker provides the ability to manage time inside EspoCRM. Integrations with other platforms will enable time management on different platforms(computer, phone, tablet);
  4. Keyboard shortcuts inside EspoCRM.

Demo of Time Tracker

You can test Time Tracker extension on our demo. Login to https://demo.devcrm.it using credentials:
Username: time
Password: dubas


Time Tracker extension cost 289 USD. You can buy it through email: contact@devcrm.it, based on invoice. Price include access to email support and updates for 12 months.

Known bugs and plans

Id Description Created At Due Date
23 Showing current time in parent entity
There should be option to show in parent record, for example in task, how much time was counted.
18.05.2021 N/A
20 Time Entry: Prevent future date start
26.04.2021 N/A
19 Display stopwatch on webhook start timer event
26.04.2021 N/A
18 Archiving mechanism
We should also think about mechanism which will archive old data. In company with only few active workers, amount of Time Entries could go into thousands.
25.03.2021 N/A
17 Assigning time to users
Possibility to check time per user, for example how much time user spent on specific time tracker/project
25.03.2021 N/A
16 Time limits for Time Trackers
It would be great if we could setup some kind of time limit in Time Tracker and there could be something like notification if time from assigned Time Entries cross that limit.
25.03.2021 N/A
15 Integration with Clockify
Same thing as it is with Toggl
25.03.2021 N/A
14 Keyboard shortcuts
Shortcuts which would start and stop time for actual time session
25.03.2021 N/A
13 Billable time
We have to add possibility to mark time as BILLABLE and FREE.
25.03.2021 N/A
12 Time Projects
Possibility to gather many time trackers under Time Project from many records(for example from few tasks, tickets and calls) and count billable time and free time. Features: 1. Possibility to attach many trackers 2. Possibility to count time from attached trackers 3. Possibility to separate free and billable time 4. Possibility to set main settings for whole project(i.e. all calls are billable)
25.03.2021 N/A
11 Time widget inside EspoCRM
It would be great if we could create widget for Time Tracker. The best would be to put somewhere in header clock icon and after someone click on that icon he would see whole widget. Easier approach would be to put static widget on home screen(first page after login). Time tracker widget could contain: 1. Information about current time session of logged user - if exist 2. Information about last 5-10 time entries with possibility to start again counting time for specific time entry - like in toggl windows app.
25.03.2021 N/A
8 Integration with Toggl
On some stage there should be possibility to sync all time entries from Toggl platform to EspoCRM. Most important features: 1. Synchronization with Toggl once a day 2. Synchronization with Toggl on demand(button) 3. Possibility to connect start/stop button in EspoCRM to toggl integration
25.03.2021 N/A
7 Report panel in TimeTracker record
We could prepare some kind of integration with Reports in AP to show in TimeTracker record view additional panel with time entries splited for days like in Toggle detail view. https://track.toggl.com/reports/summary/1644356
25.03.2021 N/A
2 Polish language
23.03.2021 N/A
Not all bugs will be listed here because of security reasons.