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Unlock even more functionality with our selection of paid extensions for EspoCRM. Choose from a range of carefully curated tools to optimize and streamline your work processes. Invest in the right extension to meet your specific needs and take your EspoCRM experience to the next level.

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  • integration

    $ 89,00 Select options

    Sync all meetings scheduled by your Customers thanks to integration with your EspoCRM!

  • Click to Print Email extension

    Click to Print Email

    $ 19,99 Select options

    Click to Print Email is an extension designed for EspoCRM that provides a simple solution for printing emails without the clutter of the CRM interface. Click to Print Email is a convenient and valuable tool for users who frequently print emails and need a quick and efficient way to do so within the EspoCRM system.

  • WooCommerce Integration for EspoCRM

    $ 199,00 Select options

    WooCommerce Integration for EspoCRM – connect your online store with EspoCRM to manage customer data, orders and shipping information all in one place. Automate syncing of data, create invoices, and customize order statuses.

  • Przelewy24 integration for EspoCRM

    $ 99,00 Select options

    EspoCRM integration with Przelewy24 is a powerful tool that allows businesses to seamlessly integrate their CRM system with the popular online payment system, Przelewy24. This integration allows businesses to easily manage and track their online payments directly from their EspoCRM, saving time and increasing efficiency.

  • Integration for EspoCRM

    $ 99,99 Select options integration for EspoCRM allows for seamless tracking and management of customer interactions. Data from chats is automatically downloaded to EspoCRM for easy access and conversation transcripts are mapped to existing contacts or leads based on email address. Improve customer service efficiency with this powerful integration.

  • DAV Integration for EspoCRM

    DAV Integration for EspoCRM

    $ 339,00 Select options

    Sync your calendars, contacts, and files seamlessly with the DAV Integration extension for EspoCRM. Our reliable and powerful software allows for easy integration with WebDAV, CardDAV, and CalDAV, giving you the flexibility and convenience you need to stay on top of your business. Try it today and take your productivity to the next level!

  • Stripe Integration for EspoCRM

    Stripe Integration for EspoCRM

    $ 139,00 Select options

    The Stripe Integration for EspoCRM is a powerful extension that allows businesses to manage customer payments directly within the EspoCRM platform. It includes features such as creating transactions, generating a link to the transaction in Stripe, and managing payments all within EspoCRM. The extension also automatically saves payment information through EspoCRM’s webhook support, ensuring data is always up-to-date. It’s a great solution for businesses looking to streamline their payment process and increase efficiency.

  • Paypal Integration for EspoCRM

    $ 349,00 Select options

    The Paypal Integration with EspoCRM extension streamlines sales process and improves financial transaction management. Connect Paypal account via API keys and webhooks and synchronize all financial transaction information in real-time with EspoCRM. Works with both corporate and individual accounts, although there may be some limitations with private accounts.

  • Time Tracker for EspoCRM

    $ 319,00 Select options

    Time Tracker for EspoCRM is a paid extension that adds time tracking features to EspoCRM. Track time spent on tasks in modules such as Cases, Tasks, or Opportunities. View time logs, check time spent on specific task, and get detailed reporting and analytics to improve time management and increase productivity. The extension is fully integrated into EspoCRM and eliminates the need for external applications.

  • Send extension for EspoCRM

    Send extension for EspoCRM

    $ 289,00 Select options

    Easily share files and notes with customers in a secure and confidential manner with our Send Extension for EspoCRM. Purchase now and improve your business communication.

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