June 13, 2023

Light Theme 1.2.0 released

We are delighted to announce the release of EspoCRM Light Theme version 1.2.0. This update introduces several improvements and bug fixes to enhance the functionality and visual experience of the light theme. We are excited to share the following key changes included in this release:

  1. Compatibility with the Newest Version of EspoCRM:
    • We have diligently addressed compatibility issues to ensure seamless integration with the latest version of EspoCRM. By fixing these compatibility concerns, we guarantee that the light theme will work smoothly alongside the newest features and enhancements introduced in the updated EspoCRM version.
  2. Enhanced Login Screen with SSO Login Method:
    • Based on valuable user feedback, we have successfully resolved the issue that previously hindered the usage of Single Sign-On (SSO) login methods with the light theme. With this update, the login screen is now fully compatible with SSO, providing users with a streamlined and secure login experience.
  3. Simultaneous Usage of Light and Dark Themes:
    • We have taken significant steps to address an issue where the login screen would crash when attempting to use the light theme alongside the dark theme. With version 1.2.0, this problem has been successfully resolved. Users can now seamlessly switch between the light and dark themes, allowing for a more personalized and flexible visual experience throughout the application.

To install the newest version, please download and install package available at https://devcrm.it/download/?file=01ce9b0f-225b-4618-a95a-29f91cfa2395

Thank you for choosing EspoCRM Light Theme. We hope that version 1.2.0 enhances your experience, and we look forward to serving you with future updates and improvements.

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