Light theme for EspoCRM

Dubas Light Theme for EspoCRM

After many years of using EspoCRM we decided to add our contribution to the community. We prepared a modified theme, which is based on the default EspoCRM theme. The theme is published free of charge under the GNU v3 license. Anyone can download it for free on this page.

Below is also a link to our repository on Github. There you can browse through our theme files and report possible problems.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can create an issue on the github project website. You can also contact us for business matters by e-mail: [email protected]

You can check our repo if you want to check source files. You can also download installer which will install theme in your EspoCRM.

Your EspoCRM should be in version higher than 5.9.0. Below you can choose version of theme for 5.9.X versions of EspoCRM and for 6.X. You don't have to worry about choosing wrong version, you'll see error if you have different version than required.
We have not tested this theme with lower versions, but on request we can provide a version of the installer that will allow you to install the theme on an instance with lower parameters. Write us an email about it. You can also prepare the installer yourself by modifying the parameters available on our github in the manifest.json file.

light theme for 5.9.X   light theme for 6.X   light theme for 7.X  
Documentation   Github repo

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Version Description Date Compatibility Action
1.0.0 1. Adjusting theme to 7.1.0 version of EspoCRM
2. Switching to LESS
Downloaded 235 times. Last time 1 day ago.
19.05.2022 7.1.0 +
0.0.6 1. Adjusting theme to 6.1.0 version of EspoCRM
Downloaded 864 times. Last time 4 hours ago.
26.01.2021 6.1.0 +
0.0.5 1. New login page
2. Changing URL color for hover
3. Changing margin of header in admin area
Downloaded 394 times. Last time 4 hours ago.
29.12.2020 6.0.0 +
0.0.4 Adding checkVersionUrl
Downloaded 201 times. Last time 14 hours ago.
13.10.2020 6.0.0 +
0.0.3 Release of whole new version compatible with verion 6.0.0
Downloaded 337 times. Last time 14 hours ago.
06.10.2020 6.0.0 +
0.0.2 Few fixes of design.
Downloaded 433 times. Last time 14 hours ago.
04.10.2020 5.9.X
0.0.1 First release of vertical light theme.
Downloaded 190 times. Last time 14 hours ago.
07.09.2020 5.9.X