October 10, 2023

Why you should consider upgrade of EspoCRM to 8.0.0?

EspoCRM has recently unveiled its highly anticipated 8.0.0 version, packed with a plethora of enhancements and features designed to elevate user experience and streamline processes. In this article, we’ll explore the key changes that make upgrading to EspoCRM 8.0.0 a compelling proposition for businesses of all sizes.

  1. Improved Small Screen Layouts: Recognizing the growing importance of mobile accessibility, EspoCRM 8.0.0 brings improvements to the list layout on small screens. This enhancement guarantees a more user-friendly experience for those on the go, allowing for efficient CRM management from any device.
  2. Revamped Light Theme Front-End: Aesthetics matter, and EspoCRM understands that. The light theme front-end improvement in version 8.0.0 not only provides a visually pleasing interface but also enhances overall usability, creating a more enjoyable experience for users.
  3. Export Customizations: One of the standout features of the new version is the ability to export customizations to an installable extension package. This enhancement simplifies the process of sharing custom configurations among different instances, fostering collaboration and accelerating deployment times.
  4. Tailored Layouts for Users: Recognizing the diversity of user roles and preferences, the latest version introduces layout sets for specific users. This improvement allows admins to customize interface of specific users according to their unique needs, enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction.
  5. Bug Fixes for Seamless Authentication: Addressing a crucial bug, version 8.0.0 ensures that users without passwords can log in seamlessly through OIDC (OpenID Connect), enhancing the authentication process and user accessibility.
  6. Formula Functionality Boost: The formula functionality receives an enhancement with the introduction of the record\findMany function. This addition expands the capabilities of formulas, allowing for more sophisticated data manipulation and analysis within the CRM. Details are available in official documentation.
  7. Duplicate checking: EspoCRM 8.0.0 brings improvements to duplicate checking. Admins can decide whether duplicates checking will be performed on update and also can specify which fields which will be checked while duplicates verification.
  8. Role Permissions: Message permission within roles gets an improvement in EspoCRM 8.0.0, providing administrators with more control over who can send stream messages to other users. This fine-tuning of role permissions enhances data security and confidentiality.
  9. Intuitive Navbar Tab Grouping: Improvements in navbar tab grouping contribute to a more intuitive navigation experience. Users can now organize and group tabs according to their preferences, streamlining access to essential CRM features.
  10. My Inbox Dashlet Enhancement: Users benefit from an improved folder option in the My Inbox dashlet. This enhancement allows for more granular control over inbox organization, ensuring that users can prioritize and manage their tasks more effectively.
  11. Backend Improvement for ORM: EspoCRM 8.0.0 introduces the ability to join sub-queries in the backend, enhancing the efficiency of data retrieval and processing.

List of all new features is available on github.

In conclusion, the upgrade to EspoCRM 8.0.0 is not just a version update; it’s a strategic move towards a more efficient, customizable, and secure CRM experience. Consider upgrading to EspoCRM 8.0.0 today and experience a new level of CRM excellence.

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