We offer a variety of free and paid extensions developed by us and other members of the EspoCRM community. Our extensions are designed to enhance the functionality of your EspoCRM instance, improving your productivity and providing you with a competitive edge. Whether you're looking for advanced reporting capabilities, automation tools, or integration with third-party applications, we have the perfect extension for you.

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  • Google Fonts for EspoCRM

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    Elevate the visual appeal of your PDF templates with our free Google font extension for EspoCRM. Wide range of font options, easy to use. Place your order now.

  • Custom Formulas for EspoCRM

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    Enhance data security and validation with our free Custom formulas extension for EspoCRM. Includes various formulas for generating hashes. Download now and improve your data security.

  • Shipping Manager for EspoCRM

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    Manage your shipping operations with our free Shipping manager extension for EspoCRM. Basic functionality for tracking shipments and deliveries. Download now and improve your business’s organization.

  • Template Helper for EspoCRM

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    Easily add translated strings to your email and PDF templates with our free Template Helper extension for EspoCRM. Easy to use. Download now and improve your multilingual communications.

  • UUID field for EspoCRM

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    Ensure data integrity and accuracy with our free UUID extension for EspoCRM. Generates a unique identifier for every record. Download now and improve your data management.

  • Short Url Extension for EspoCRM

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    Easily create shortened links within EspoCRM with our free Short URL extension. No additional application needed. Download now and improve your link tracking and sharing.

  • eSignature Extension for EspoCRM

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    This eSignature extension for EspoCRM allows users to add signature fields to any entity and print documents using custom templates with the browser’s PDF engine, providing more options and flexibility. It’s developed by a member of the EspoCRM community.

  • Matrix Field for EspoCRM

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    This EspoCRM extension adds the ability to create matrix fields with multiple columns for any entity. The matrix field allows users to input data in a tabular format, making it easy to organize and view complex data sets. With this extension, users can easily create and manage matrix fields to streamline their workflow and improve data management.

  • Chat Extension for EspoCRM

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    The Chat Extension for EspoCRM allows you to create bulletin boards (chat boards) attached to any entity in EspoCRM. Designated users can post comments in three different chat types – activity log, private chat, and public chat. Additionally, a team board chat linked to one or more teams appears on the user’s home page. Stay organized and communicate efficiently with the Chat Extension for EspoCRM.

  • List Plus for EspoCRM

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    List Plus for EspoCRM is a powerful extension that adds tabular editing and column resizing functionality to your EspoCRM applications. With this plugin, you can select entities and fields that can be edited while in list display format and choose which entities can have their column widths resized dynamically by the user.

  • Email Combined View

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    Efficiently manage your email communication with the Email Combined View extension for EspoCRM. This free extension provides a compact and organized view of all your emails, saving you time and streamlining your workflow. Compatible with EspoCRM 7.0 and higher and PHP 7.2 or higher. Download now and take control of your email communication.

  • Click to Print Email extension

    Click to Print Email

    $ 19,99 Select options

    Click to Print Email is an extension designed for EspoCRM that provides a simple solution for printing emails without the clutter of the CRM interface. Click to Print Email is a convenient and valuable tool for users who frequently print emails and need a quick and efficient way to do so within the EspoCRM system.

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