Dubas UUID Field for EspoCRM

Dubas Address Field for EspoCRM

Free extension which will add new field type to your EspoCRM and let you to create new field which will generate UUID for every single record. Extension created by devcrm.it to EspoCRM. The extension is published free of charge under the GNU v3 license. Anyone can download it for free on this page.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can create an issue on the github project website. You can also contact us for business matters by e-mail: [email protected]

You can check our repo if you want to check source files. You can also download installer which will install extension in your EspoCRM.

Your EspoCRM should be in version higher than 6.0.0. We have not tested this theme with lower versions, but on request we can provide a version of the installer that will allow you to install the extension on an instance with lower parameters. Write us an email about it. You can also prepare the installer yourself by modifying the parameters available on our github in the manifest.json file.

You can check installation process, FAQ and requirements in repo.

UUID field for 6.X   Github repo

Version Description Date Compatibility Action
1.0.0 Added:
1. UUIDs Manager to keep track of all UUIDs stored in the system. Available from Administration > Data > UUIDs.
2. Helper console command for indexing UUIDs and generating UUIDs for newly created fields.
3. Uploaded full source code used to compile the extension.

1. Minimum EspoCRM requirement to 6.1.0.
2. Minimum PHP requirement to 7.3.
3. Updated README file.
4. Changed field type name from "Dubas UUID" to just "UUID" in Entity Manager.
Downloaded 390 times.
25.05.2021 6.1.0 +
0.0.2 Fixing issue with creating file in version higher than 6.0.9 of EspoCRM.
Downloaded 263 times.
31.01.2021 6.0.9 +
0.0.1 First release of UUID field.
Downloaded 155 times.
17.12.2020 6.0.0 +