Stripe Integration for EspoCRM

The Stripe Integration for EspoCRM extension will help you manage your customers' payments without leaving EspoCRM. This is a new product and includes the ability to create transactions and generate a link to the transaction in Stripe. Once the payment has been processed, the relevant information will be saved in EspoCRM thanks to EspoCRM's webhook support.

It's first version of extension. We plan to add support for Stripe modules such as Invoices and Subscriptions in the near future.

You can see how our integration works on our demo:
User: stripe
Pass: dubas
Card number for tests: 4242 4242 4242 4242

If you want to know at what stage we are or would like to request additional functionality for this extension, send us an email!

Known bugs and plans

Id Description State Due Date Milestone
7 Create tax id registration
Opened N/A 0.2.0
6 Stripe Subscriptions
Support for managing Stripe Subscriptions inside of EspoCRM.
Opened N/A
5 Cleanup mechanism
GReat idea is to prepare cleanup mechanism for StripeWebhookRecords.
Opened N/A 0.2.0
3 Stripe Invoices
Integration with Stripe Invoices, inside of EspoCRM
Opened N/A
2 Stripe Transactions - simple checkout
Support for Stripe transactions
Closed N/A 0.1.0
1 Support for webhooks
It would be great if user could manage webhooks inside of EspoCRM
Closed N/A 0.1.0
Not all bugs will be listed here because of security reasons.


Version Description Released At



  1. Support for Stripe Checkout. Users can make simple transactions.
  2. Support for Stripe Webhooks.
Not all bugs will be listed here because of security reasons.