SMS Integration for EspoCRM

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SMS integration has been prepared for everyone who wants to send any SMS notifications to their employees, customers or leads. The extension allows you to send SMS messages using any SMS provider that allows sending via HTTP requests. Also in the extension we have added direct integrations with ClickSend, Vonage(old Nexmo) and Dexatel providers. We plan to add more providers upon request. If you need integration with Twilio, you can use official extension from EspoCRM.

Sending via HTTP requests allows you to enter your own parameters. We have already tested this method with providers such as and The extension allows one-way communication only. At the moment we haven't prepared the possibility of receiving sms messages, but we don't exclude that in the future.

Extension is compatible with version 6.

The extension contains the following functionalities:

  1. Creating SMS messages;
  2. Creation of SMS message based on previously created SMS template (template can contain variables and import data from other entities);
  3. Scheduling SMS for future;
  4. Receiving reports about the delivery of SMS messages (for HTTP requests endpoint has been prepared, which is also used by Dexatel).
If you would like some new functionality in the extension, please send us an email. Also write us an email if you want us to prepare integration with some other SMS provider.


You can buy the extension for 99 USD. Price include access to email support and updates for 12 months. Whole sale will be avabilable through our email:, based on invoice.

Demo of SMS Integration

You can test SMS Integration extension on our demo. Of course this is only a demo version, you can't send SMS from it. Login to using credentials:
Username: sms
Password: dubas

If you have any questions, you can contact us through email.