Short URL extension for EspoCRM

Short Url extension will allow you to create shortened links without any restrictions inside EspoCRM. You will not need any additional application, just EspoCRM. After installation, you just need to configure htaccess and you can create your first shortened link. In addition to creating shortened links you can check how many people have used it, you can also define your own aliases and expiration date.

You can see how our integration works on our demo:
User: short
Pass: dubas

If you want to know at what stage we are or would like to request additional functionality for this extension, send us an email!

short url for 6.1.X


Version Description Released At Compatibility Download
0.0.2 - Increased characters limit in Full Url field.
Downloaded 236 times.
23.08.2021 EspoCRM 6.1+
0.0.1 - Entity for short url's
- User can create short url's
- User can define custom alias
- User can choose expiration date
- User can define own length of short links
Downloaded 199 times.
23.08.2021 EspoCRM 6.1+