Paypal Integration for EspoCRM

Time Tracker for EspoCRM

Paypal Integration was originally developed for internal use within our company. After many months of developing this extension and running internal tests, we decided to release the Paypal integration as an extension. Currently, the extension supports the following functionality:

  1. Invoice management - full SalesPack integration. Without SalesPack, invoice management is not available;
  2. Transaction management;
  3. Product and subscription plan management;
  4. Subscription management;
  5. Webhooks management - so that if an action is performed outside of EspoCRM, for example a subscription is cancelled by a customer, Paypal will send the information to EspoCRM and all information will be up to date.

Future plans

We're already using Paypal Integration in our company and we are constantly developing the extension functionality. Examples of ideas:

  1. Support for invoice templates;
  2. Support for detail changes on side of Paypal GUI.
  3. Better support for subscriptions renewal.

Demo of Paypal Integration

You can test Paypal Integration extension on our demo. Login to using credentials:
Username: paypal
Password: dubas

If you have any questions, you can contact us through email.


We're planning to sell Paypal extension for 349 USD. Whole sale will be avabilable through our email:, based on invoice. Price include access to email support and updates for 12 months.