Custom Formulas extension for EspoCRM

This extension will add new formulas to your EspoCRM. Thanks to that you'll be able to modify dates and strings without coding skills. You can check whole list of available formulas in documentation.

If you want to know at what stage we are or would like to request additional functionality for this extension, send us an email!

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Version Description Released At Compatibility Download
0.0.2 - string\dubasMd5 formula
- string\dubasSha1 formula
- string\dubasUniqueId formula
- string\dubasStrlen formula
- string\dubasUrlEncode formula
- string\dubasUrlDecode formula
- string\dubasBase64Encode formula
- string\dubasBase64Decode formula
- changelog added
Downloaded 345 times.
03.09.2021 EspoCRM 6.1+
0.0.1 - date/dubasDate formula 06.02.2021 EspoCRM 6.1+